5 Great Hair Ideas for Your Christmas Party

With the Christmas party season coming up soon it is definitely time to work out what to wear, what makeup to use and how to make your hair look as good as possible.

Why not go the extra mile this year and get a fabulous look for your hair that makes you feel on top of the world while you sip champagne and pull some crackers? The following are 5 terrific ideas to consider for your party.

Get Quality Hair Extensions
Quite simply, there is no better way to boost your hair than by getting high quality hair extensions fitted. This will instantly give you a fabulous new look and a confident feeling that lasts for months.

The office Christmas party is a fine place to show off this new look for the first time. The first step is to make an appointment with a reputable stylist, who will talk you through the process step by step. Be sure to sort this out in plenty of time, as the best stylists are busy at this time of year.

Ideally, you will get hair extensions that are created with Virgin or Remy hair. These are better quality types of extension around and will give you a great, long lasting look that is still fantastic well into the New Year.

You will also want to take into account the different methods available for attaching your new hair extensions. In this respect, the best options include micro-rings, nano-rings, LA Weave and the Brazilian Knot method.

Go Straight and Sleek
If you want your hair to be sleek and also look as healthy and attractive as possible then a Keratine based treatment is a wonderful option to go for. The likes of a Kerastraight treatment will leave your hair stronger and better looking than ever before.

This type of treatment is highly recommended for women who want to get their hair into tip top condition before getting extensions added or some other treatment carried out. However, it also works perfectly as a way of adding new life to your existing hair while leaving it smooth and beautiful.

The Brazilian Blow Dry and YUKO Japanese Straightening treatments are a couple of other approaches that give excellent results. However, you should avoid using straightening irons or relaxers at home, as these methods can damage your hair and leave it looking lifeless.

Change Colour

Are you bored with your existing hair colour and want to try something different? If you are thinking of making a radical change before the Christmas party then this is a smart way of feeling fresh and different in time for the big night out.

Will you go for a vibrant red colour, a sultry brunette look or an eye-catching blonde style? Bear in mind that metallic colours are ideal for your makeup at a festive party, so finding a colour to match this could be your main concern.

As with any big change you make to your hair, it makes sense to get this done in a salon that you trust. This will give you the guarantee of getting a lovely new look without any hassles and without the risk of anything going wrong.

Go Curly

Maybe you want a change from your usual straight hair. Adding some bouncy curls to your head is one amazing way of grabbing attention during the party season.

There are a number of ways of doing this, with many of them being fast and easy. For instance, you could use a curling iron, rollers or use one of the many special products around that build and enhance curls. Just be sure to not leave it all to the hours leading up to the party before you get started.

If you want a longer, wavier look then you could go back to the first point on the list about adding some hair extensions. On the other hand, if you are happy with your current length then adding curls or waves will give you a completely different look very simply.

Make It Short and Snappy

Short hair is in vogue this year and if you suit this style then it is a great look for the festive parties and events. Whether you want a pixie cut or a bob, the shorter style can represent a dramatic new haircut for you to end the year with.

Of course, if you have never before gone with a short look then you won’t want to rush into this change of hairstyle. Carefully consider the different types of short hair that could suit you best and then speak to a stylist you trust about turning your ideas into reality.

Whatever you plan to do this Christmas, don’t let dull or lifeless hair let you down. Give your hair a treat and you can enjoy the party season more than ever before.