Finding the right afro hairdresser can be very difficult…

If you have had weaves or hair extensions done before, you’ve probably had at least one not so great experience where:

*The stylist was too rough with your hair?

*The weave was done too tight causing you to have a headache for many days?

*You ended up with a distinctly square boxed shaped bulky head because the braids were not done correctly?

*Been disappointed that you spent a lot of money on a weave or hair extensions but ended up removing it yourself a week later because you couldn’t stand it?

Let bad hair weave and hair extension days (or weeks) be a thing of the past… 


Hair Definitions – Afro Hairdresser Specialist

When you get your weave or hair extensions done at with us, you will:

*have your weave extensions done by an afro hairdresser who is a specialist with over 15 years of experience working with afro and mixed textured hair in addition to European and Asian hair;

*get a super natural looking hair weave.  An excellent weave is one where people say to you “Oh your hair has grown” or “You look great, but I can’t put my finger on what has changed”, or “What! You have a weave on? Noooo waay, I thought it was your real hair”

*have a personalised hair weave – during our consultation with you, we analyse your hair and give you suggestions on the most suitable weave method for your hair and lifestyle.

*be treated with the utmost care and respect.   We will not pull your hair. It is important that the weave is not too tight as this can lead to hair loss. We are leading the salon revolution in helping clients to maintain, repair and strengthen their natural hair and we can advise you on ways to take care of and grow your natural hair

*have the option to buy hair in a variety of textures including kinky straight, kinky curly, afro relaxed, wavy and straight textures to give you the most natural looking result.  If you plan to leave out a section of your hair, then hair which matches closely your natural texture will give you the best result

*our hair weaves and hair extensions are suitable for clients with Afro-Caribbean, Mixed Textured, European and Asian hair types.

Are you looking for natural hair care…? 

We provide hair treatments, hair cuts & trims, styling, wash & blow dries…all the services you need to keep your hair looking beautiful…

Are you looking for a protective style or a hair loss solution…?

We custom make wigs and hair pieces in the salon tailored to your needs. We apply, remove and maintain wigs and hair pieces for our clients…

Hair Definitions – Afro Hairdressers – Ready to book?

Have a look below to see some hair weaves done at Hair Definitions by our afro hairdresser specialist.

afro-hairdresser-weave-hair-extensions-www-hairdefinitions-co-uk-3 afro-hairdresser-weave-hair-extensions-www-hairdefinitions-co-uk-4

afro-hairdresser-weave-hair-extensions-www-hairdefinitions-co-uk-5afro-hairdresser-weave-hair-extensions-www-hairdefinitions-co-uk-6Vixen Versatile Weave With Silver Grey HairHD Weave with Afro Relaxed Hair

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Why choose Hair Definitions?

We are passionate about helping clients wear weaves and hair extensions in a manner which is safe and good for their natural hair.  There is no point in looking good for a few weeks or a few months with your weave or hair extensions and then suffer years of hair loss at your hair line (traction alopecia) or suffer from bald patches.

We only recruit talented stylists who are 100% concerned about achieving a great look for their clients but at the same time helping their clients natural hair to grow and stay healthy.

We invest heavily in learning the latest techniques, product knowledge, training our staff and teaching our clients about how to best take care of their hair. That’s why we are a Top Rated Treatwell (Formerly Wahanda) Salon, have many 5* reviews on Facebook and why we’ve been featured in BlackHair Magazine multiple times.

We see many clients with hair growth/hair loss issues and wholeheartedly care about taking care of your natural hair.  We know that when you feel good about your hair, you feel good generally and that has a great impact on society and the world at large.

What others are saying…

“I loved the weave done by my stylist. She was gentle and took good care of my hair.  There was no pulling and my weave was so comfortable that I had no headaches that night or any other night from the weave.  The weave feels so flat – virtually undetectable. I have had so many compliments on my hair.  No one can tell that I have a weave on!”

“I cannot fault their expertise and advice, my hair shall definitely be better for it. There is a very warm and friendly atmosphere in this salon; they made me feel very welcome. Like one of the girls. I don’t think I’ll ever have my hair done anywhere else, despite not living at all close. Frankly, its worth it for the service. Would definitely recommend!”

Hair Definitions – Afro Hairdressers – Ready to book?

Please get in touch with us today on 0208 341 6946 or using the Contact Form. You can also book your appointment online.


Q. Can you tell me about your HD Weave?


The HD Weave is an exclusive and innovative Hair Definitions hair extension method which is suitable for Afro-Caribbean, European, mixed race and Asian clients looking for extra volume and length.

How does it work?

The HD Weave combines the micro-rings and weaving methods in an innovative way to give you a much more natural looking result than a standard weave.

What are the benefits of an HD weave?

The technique is suitable for all hair types including European hair as it does not rely on cane rowing.  Applying weft hair allows you to protect the layers of hair underneath the weft so you do not need to style your natural hair so that you can protect your natural hair from the impact of over-styling (including heat damage).

You can achieve significantly more volume than standard micro-ring hair extensions and this method is suitable for those with shorter hair.  You can achieve a very natural looking result with this type of extension application if it is done correctly by an afro hairdresser.

Is my hair suitable?

The HD weave is great for people with both long and short hair.

How long does it last? 

The extensions will last up to 3 months with the correct after-care and re-tightening regime.  We would recommend you come to the salon once every 4-6 weeks for a maintenance/re-groom.  We would recommend a full removal and re-application once every 3 months.

Q. Can you tell me more about your traditional weaves?

A. The weaving method is a protective form of hair extensions whereby rows of weft hair is sewn on top of braided (cane rowed) hair.  Depending on your preference, you can leave out a front section of your hair to achieve a more natural looking hairline or have a closed weave where no hair is left out. Alternatively you can add a closure to the top of the weave to achieve a more natural look.

As well as protecting your natural hair and helping it to grow (if the weave is done correctly by an afro hairdresser specialist), the weave will not grow out so you can retain the same length and style. You will need to come back every 6-8 weeks to have your weave removed and re-applied.  We would not suggest leaving it longer than this as it is important to wash and condition your natural hair. The weave will loosen/grow out within that time period so it is important to keep up with your weave maintenance.

Some other benefits of weaves include:

*No heat or glue

*Natural looking finish

*Add length and volume

*Can wash/style as normal

*Can promote natural hair growth

Q. Can you tell me about the Vixen Weave?

A.  This style is similar to the traditional weave but the braiding pattern is separated into 4 distinct areas and the weft is then sewn onto those areas.  More hair is left out than the traditional weave at the front, sides and in the middle.  The great advantage of this is that you can pretty much wear your hair how you want – pony tales, braids, etc.  This braiding pattern is complicated and an experienced afro hairdresser who can braid exceptionally well is needed to achieve the best result.

Vixen Weave

Image credit: http://blackgirllonghair.com/2014/10/why-the-vixen-sew-in-is-the-next-best-thing-for-weave-wearing-naturals/

You can read more about the Vixen Weave here.  Watch this video to find out more about the Vixen Weave below:


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