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Brazilian Knots applied by a specialist like us will give you the most natural looking, beautiful, extensions.

Here are some amazing Brazilian Knots Extensions transformations at Hair Definitions.

Brazilian Knots Extensions for Diana Sirokai – Celebrity, Model & Fashion Designer.


What are Brazilian Knots Hair Extensions?

We bring you the latest trend from Brazil – Brazilian Knots. This method is kind to the hair.  It is one of the safest hair extensions method as no glue, tape or heat is used.

Brazilian knots is the longest lasting but safe hair extensions method that we know of.

You can save on time and money as you only need to get the extensions done once every 3-4 months. The extensions will safely grow out with your natural hair.

How do you apply Brazilian Knots Hair Extensions?

We take small sections of your hair – around 2mm in thickness, take about an equal amount of raw hair.  We then place the raw hair over your natural hair and wrap the hair in elastic thread.  After that we tie several knots. As elastic thread is used to add the extensions hair to your hair, your natural hair remains safe, healthy and strong. The hair extensions is very very secure.

We believe that this is the best hair extensions technique currently available.  This hair extensions method is suitable for all hair types, including European, Afro-Caribbean, mixed textured and Asian hair types.

Are Brazilian Knots Hair Extensions suitable for all hair textures?

If you have Afro-Caribbean hair or mixed textured hair types, we recommend that you get the Kerastraight Keratin Treatment.  This helps soften the curl pattern, reduce frizz and make your natural hair super easy to manage.

The Brazilian Knots is an integration extensions method which needs to blend in with your natural hair. The Kerastraight Keratin Treatment makes washing, blow drying and styling the hair much easier and faster. This means that your natural hair will blend in and continue to blend in perfectly with the extensions hair.

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