Are you considering the Kerastraight treatment and looking for Kerastraight reviews to help you make up your mind?


Do any of these sound familiar?

Is your hair dry, frizzy, damaged?  Is your hair breaking? Are you struggling to grow your hair?

Do you despair when it looks like it’s going to rain because you’re concerned that your hair will frizz up like a lion’s mane?

Do you keep relaxing your hair even though you know that the harsh chemicals are making your hair fall out?

Do you run your fingers through your hair and find that clumps of hair break off in your hands?

Are you spending a fortune on weaves, wigs and hair pieces to cover up the hair loss and bald patches which have gotten worse and worse over the years?

And finally…

Would you like get your hands on a system for your hair which will:

*Stop the breakage NOW

*Help your hair to grow faster, thicker, longer and stronger?

*Would you like your hair to look shiny, sleeker and not frizz up at the first drop of rain?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or find yourself nodding, then you are in exactly the right place.

Here are some amazing Kerastraight Keratin Treatment Before and After transformations at Hair Definitions



At Hair Definitions Hair Salon, you will be taken through:

A detailed consultation so that we can check that KeraStraight is the most suitable solution for your hair to help make it stronger and make it grow faster.

We will also walk through how to best care for your natural hair to help it grow.

KeraStraight works to help hair, particularly Afro and Mixed Race hair to grow. Combined with our powerful hair care and health and nutrition advice, your hair could grow 6 INCHES a year.

Who is the Kerastraight Keratin Brazilian Blow Dry treatment suitable for?

*Anyone with dry, damaged hair and is seeking to reverse that damage.

*Anyone with hair breakage problems and is seeking to stop that breakage NOW.

*Anyone who is on a natural hair growth journey and wants their hair to grow as quickly and healthily as possible.

*Anyone who has a frizz problem and wants frizz-free easy to manage hair.

*Anyone who wants their hair to be lower maintenance and easier to manage.

*Anyone who is sick and tired of harsh chemicals and wants a treatment which is natural, gentle and formaldehyde free.

Ready to book?

At Hair Definitions, we have a combined total of 54 years’ experience in working with hair extensions. You are in safe hands.

Please get in touch with us today on 0208 341 6946 or using the Contact Form. You can also book your appointment online.

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Why choose Hair Definitions for the Kerastraight Treatment?

We are North London’s leading Kerastraight salon.  We are also one of the first salons to specialise in the KeraStraight treatment for Afro and Mixed Race Hair.

We have extensive experience with KeraStraight over the past two years with Afro and Mixed Race Hair and have many repeat clients who love how well we have taken care of their natural hair and helped their natural hair to grow with the help of the Kerastraight treatment.  Many of our clients have ditched their relaxers but instead have longer, stronger, healthier hair which is full of volume and bounce.

We know how to apply this treatment to get the best results.  In the wrong hands, the Kerastraight treatment may not work very well or may leave your hair brittle if it is over-used.

We invest heavily in learning the latest techniques, product knowledge, training our staff and teaching our clients about how to best take care of their hair. That’s why we are a Top Rated Treatwell (Formerly Wahanda) Salon, have many 5* reviews on Facebook and why we’ve been featured in BlackHair Magazine multiple times.

What others are saying…

“I was so happy with the result – like ecstatic. Three weeks later my hair is bouncy, feeling healthy and so manageable. It’s allowed me to see my natural hair journey in full and since having the treatment I’ve felt so confident with my hair out. I can style it easier and am trying a range of styles. I absolutely love it!” Read the full review by Stephane on Milk & Honey here.

“I genuinely didn’t think KeraStraight would make a difference to my hair. After blow drying my hair it still had the same look it usually has after a normal blowdry, I don’t know what I was expecting. Once Elizabeth  straightened my hair though.. *drum rolls* a different type of life! The bounce and the softness to the hair was a surprise to me, I haven’t had a result like that even after what I used to think was a good relaxer treatment to my hair before.” Read the full review by Michelle here.

“I had very dry coarse afro hair and was suffering from breakage. I wanted to try the kerastraight brazilian blow dry. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about the treatment as I’ve never tried it before. The staff were really helpful and friendly and reassured me about the treatment. They said they have done this treatment on afro hair many many times over the last couple of years and always got an excellent result. What can I say, after the treatment, my hair is soft, shiny and easy to manage and style. I am trying to grow my hair and have been informed that the kerastraight is a treatment which will help me to strengthen and grow my hair. I highly recommend Hair Definitions – the staff are great and so is the service!”

Why fight your natural hair and waste years of your life suffering with breakage, hair loss, low self-image and self-esteem and waste lots of money on products, wigs, weaves in a bid to cover the damage you’ve done to your natural hair?

We believe that Kerastraight Keratin Brazilian Blow Dry can revolutionise the way Afro and Mixed Race women view their natural hair.  We have so many clients who are enjoying beautiful, shiny, frizz free, easy to manage hair which grows FAST.



In addition to the FAQs below, watch this video for answer all the key questions about the Kerastraight treatment.

Q. I am concerned that the Kerastraight will damage my natural hair.  Can you reassure me on this?

A. KeraStraight will not damage your natural hair. It will infuse keratin and proteins into your hair which will help to strengthen your natural hair and help it to grow.  KeraStraight does not contain any formaldehyde. Our clients have reported healthier, stronger, faster growing hair with the KeraStraight treatment.

Q. Is the KeraStraight a viable alternative to relaxer?

A. In our opinion, yes but please note that the KeraStraight will not give you dead straight hair – that flat lifeless but poker straight look you get with relaxers.  The KeraStraight will soften curls and depending on the hair may make it a bit to a lot straighter, depending on your natural hair texture. You will still retain the volume and bounce of your natural hair.

PLEASE NOTE: When you wash your hair or get your hair very wet, your hair will revert back to its normal texture (or a texture that is softer than your normal texture).  When you blow dry/straighten your hair, it should stay straight and generally be frizz free until you next get your hair wet. The treatment will cut down your styling time significantly and you will need to use significantly less heat.  Washing your hair will be a lot easier – you will find your hair will tangle a lot less, if at all.  Your hair will be shinier and sleeker. You only have to get the KeraStraight done once every 3-4 months, which is a lot less often than many relaxers.  We can apply the KeraStraight treatment on relaxed/chemically processed hair.

Q. Why is the KeraStraight normally so expensive at your salon?

A. This treatment requires specialist knowledge and expertise and takes 3-4 hours to apply from start to finish.  We give you specialist care, time and attention at our calm, friendly boutique salon where you’re not one of many clients which the stylist rushes around to see.  KeraStraight is a premium, effective treatment which only needs to be applied once every 3-4 months – which actually works out more cost-effective than relaxing your hair every 4-6 weeks and/or spending lots of money on expensive styling products which don’t do very much for your hair.

Q. Do you only specialise in KeraStraight for Afro/Mixed Race hair?

A. Afro/Mixed Race hair is our specialism but we have many KeraStraight clients who have European or Asian hair.  We have extensive experience of working with all hair types and will ensure that we achieve the best result for your hair.

Blog post: Review of KeraStraight Brazilian Blow Dry 2015 – Hair Definitions


I had the KeraStraight blow dry done last week by the lovely stylist Kellie. I decided to go for the KeraStraight Brazilian Blow Dry because my hair is extremely frizzy and hard to manage. It would take me a long time to style my hair with both straighteners and a blow dryer; my hair was beginning to get extremely damaged and dry as a result.I was excited to see the results because any help in reducing styling time is a bonus. The process took about 3 hours in total. There were a number of stages involved in the process.


After the process was over I could not have expected the results that were achieved. My hair was smooth, straight but still had body. I was very happy to say the least.I really noticed the change when it came to styling my hair. Whereas previously the whole process of styling my hair would involve blow drying and straightening (which took about 45 minutes to an hour), after the KeraStraight treatment all I had to do to get my hair straight was dry it with the blow dryer (which takes about 15 minutes).


I also purchased the KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner to maintain the results for as long as possible.  As the process is  not a permanent straightening process, over time the proteins in the KeraStraight product washes out. With the KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner, I am hoping to maintain the excellent results for the next 3-4 months.


We are now exactly a week on and my hair is still straight, little to no frizz…. I really noticed the difference when it came to me going to the gym.   Whereas before I would go in with straight hair and come out with an afro, after the KeraStraight I walked out looking the same as I walked in (well near enough) after a quick blow dry.We all know with the unpredictable English weather is not our best friend for afro/ mixed race hair, but with the KeraStraight you will be good friends!If you have any questions about the KeraStraight Brazilian Blow Dry, please do get in touch..


As you can see, my hair is very dry, frizzy and the ends of my hair were starting to break off.


As you can see, my hair is smooth, straight, shiny and still has a lot of body.

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Cantara, from Gymbags & Gladrags, modelled for KeraStraight at Salon International and was completely blown away by her transformation with KS Ultimate. “I couldn’t believe the results! My hair was glossy, soft and silky, it felt like European hair. I couldn’t stop beaming and the crowd were equally impressed. People who had seen me earlier in the day couldn’t believe I was the same person. I was on cloud nine!”


Cantara isn’t the only blogger shouting from the rooftops. Donia from beautypulseLONDON also received the full treatment at Salon International and loved that her styling time in the mornings was slashed substantially and that her hair remained shiny and smooth several weeks later.


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