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Micro ring hair extensions applied by a specialist like us will give you the most natural looking, beautiful, extensions.

Are you…

Sick of your flat, limp, life-less hair?  Have you struggled with thin hair for years and would to have the experience of thick, voluminous hair?

Have you used clip in extensions for years and find that as a result your are losing your hair in patches?

Is your hair getting you down, and you just want to feel good again about your hair?  We never underestimate the importance of hair to a woman and how confident she feels about herself and life generally.

Here are some pictures of the amazing micro-rings before and after transformations at Hair Definitions.



Would you like to wear hair extensions which:

*do NOT damage your natural hair?

*give you extra volume and length?

*blends in with your natural hair so that people can’t tell you’re wearing hair extensions?

*have access to your natural hair to wash, condition and look after it so that it grows thick and strong?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or find yourself nodding, then you are in exactly the right place.

Micro-ring extensions are attached to your hair with an adjustable micro-ring, meaning no glue, heat, bond or chemicals are used in the application or removal of the extensions, which is much safer for your natural hair.

Hair Definitions – Micro ring Hair Extensions London Specialists

At our salon, you will be taken through a FREE detailed consultation so that we can check that micro rings hair extensions is the most suitable solution to give you the length and volume you are after.

We have the interest of your natural hair at heart, if your hair is not suitable for micro rings hair extensions we will NOT suggest it and will let you know what the alternatives are.   We are not here to make a quick buck.  We want to be your go-to hair specialists for years to come – looking after your natural hair is the most important thing for us.  

We will check the suitability of your hair for micro ring hair extensions

If your hair is suitable we will help to match the texture and colour of the hair extensions to your natural hair.  In addition to great Remy Hair Packages for clients with European or Asian textured hair, we are of the few salons in London to provide Afro-Relaxed and Kinky Straight hair textures to match Afro and Mixed Race hair types when it comes to micro-ring extensions.

We usually custom order/bespoke order our hair extensions hair so that it matches your hair texture and desired hair colour as closely as possible.

Alternatives to micro ring hair extensions

If the standard micro ring hair extensions are not the best solution for your hair, we can suggest either the HD Weave or a traditional weave or, if you are suffering from some form of hair loss, a hair loss solution.  You can read more about Weaves here.

For clients with very fine hair, we have the option of applying nano-ring hair extensions.  Nano-ring extensions have super small tips and less hair in each hair extension strand making it a much better option for clients with very fine hair.

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At Hair Definitions, we have a combined total of 54 years’ experience in working with hair extensions. You are in safe hands.

Please get in touch with us today on 0208 341 6946 or using the Contact Form. You can also book your appointment online.

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Why choose Hair Definitions?

We are North London’s leading hair extensions salon. We are also one of the few salons specialising in particular in micro ring hair extensions for Afro and Mixed Race Hair.

We have extensive experience with micro-rings / micro-loop extensions – rest assured that you are in safe hands. We know how to apply this method of hair extensions to get the best results.We invest heavily in learning the latest techniques, product knowledge, training our staff and teaching our clients about how to best take care of their hair. That’s why we are a Top Rated Treatwell (Formerly Wahanda) Salon, have many 5* reviews on Facebook and why we’ve been featured in BlackHair Magazine multiple times.

What others are saying…

“Marietta has been doing my extensions for over a year now and I would never go anywhere else!! She is so quick and accurate and hair is amazing quality. She is also a really lovely girl!!! Would recommend to anyone!!”

“I cannot fault their expertise and advice, my hair shall definitely be better for it. There is a very warm and friendly atmosphere in this salon; they made me feel very welcome. Like one of the girls. I don’t think I’ll ever have my hair done anywhere else, despite not living at all close. Frankly, its worth it for the service. Would definitely recommend!”

Ready to book?

At Hair Definitions, we have a combined total of 54 years’ experience in working with hair extensions. You are in safe hands.

Please get in touch with us today on 0208 341 6946 or using the Contact Form. You can also book your appointment online.


Q. I am concerned that the Micro-rings/Micro-loop Extensions will damage my natural hair.  Can you reassure me on this?

A. We will do a thorough assessment first to ensure that your natural hair is healthy and strong enough to take the weight of the hair extensions. If your hair is not suitable, we will recommend alternatives. If your hair is suitable, we will advise you on the maintenance and aftercare regime to look after and protect your natural hair so that your natural hair stays strong and healthy. If you cannot keep up with the maintenance regime – you will need to come to see us once every 4 weeks or so for us to move up the hair extensions and check to ensure that everything is in good order – then this method of hair extensions is NOT suitable for you and we can recommend alternatives.

Q. Are the Micro-rings Extensions a viable alternative to weaves?

A. It is a viable alternative if your hair is long enough (3-4 inches) and it is healthy.  Micro-rings hair extensions is slightly more high maintenance than weaves as you need to come to the salon for more regular maintenance, but the hair extensions look a lot more natural and allow you access to your natural hair to care for it.

Please note that Micro-rings / Micro loop hair extensions is an integration method, meaning that your natural hair will be left out and the hair extensions will be integrated into your natural hair – this means you will need to take care of the hair which is left out.

Many of our Afro and Mixed Race clients get the Kerastraight Keratin Treatment done first so that their natural hair is strengthened and easier to maintain before they get the Micro-Ring Hair Extensions done.

Q. Why are the Micro-rings Hair Extensions expensive at your salon?

A. This application requires specialist knowledge and expertise and takes 2-3 hours to apply from start to finish.  We give you specialist care, time and attention at our calm, friendly boutique salon where you’re not one of many clients which the stylist rushes around to see.  Micro-rings is a premium hair extensions method which takes time, expertise and experience to apply, but is not damaging to your natural hair provided you follow the proper maintenance and aftercare regime.  Our clients who get this type of hair extensions feel like a million dollars afterwards as it looks really natural and feels much nicer and lighter compared to say a traditional weave.

Q. Can you tell me more about the maintenance and aftercare regime?

A. After the initial application, cut and style, you will need to come into the salon about once every 4 weeks for maintenance (this costs usually between £50-£100, depending how much time is required to carry out the maintenance).  About once every 3 months, you will need to have the extensions removed and re-applied (this will cost £130).  We will recommend certain shampoos and conditioners which will help to keep your hair in the best condition. If you purchase hair from us, our hair normally lasts for between 3-6 months (if Remy hair) and 6-12 months (if Virgin hair) depending on how well you take care of your extensions.


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