The Hair Straightening Facts You Need to Know

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The idea of getting your hair straightened is something that might appeal to you before a big event or when you simply want to try out a new look. We all love to try out new hairstyles now and then so having straighter hair opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

There are numerous types of hair straightening treatment around that you can benefit from in order to get the perfect look without damaging your hair. So, which one could be right for your hair and what do they all involve?

Types of Hair

When deciding how to straighten your hair it is important to think about the type of hair that you have. If you have thick, coarse hair then you are going to need a powerful and highly effective way of getting it straight that doesn’t damage it in the process.

On the other hand, if you have fine, thin hair then you run the risk of damaging it by putting it through an overly harsh treatment. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to speak to an expert and find out which type of treatment would be ideal in your case.

The Pros and Cons of Straightening Irons

When you first consider the idea of straightening your hair then you might automatically think of using straightening irons or flat irons and doing it yourself. After all, these little devices offer a fast and easy way of getting straight hair at home.

There is no doubt that this is a quick way of getting a new look in time for a special night out or when you want to try something different for a change. In no time at all you can also try out a variety of different styles in your bedroom, to see which ones suit you best.

However, the negative side to straightening irons is that they tend to damage your hair after repeated use. They can leave hair looking dull, brittle and thoroughly lacking in life.

Even the top of the range, highly expensive models will eventually take their toll on your hair. Cheaper models that are just metal with a ceramic coating will do even more damage in even less time.

This is particularly true among those people who have very thick and curly hair, as they need to spend more time straightening their hair to see the effect that they want. Of course, it is also a strictly temporary way of straightening hair that doesn’t last very long at all.

If you use this approach then you will be wary of the first drops of rain that fall from the heavens and ruin all your hard work.

YUKO Japanese Straightening

This is a popular process for making hair straighter that uses a hot, flat iron to permanently alter the hair into a new, straight shape. The hair that is treated will remain straight permanently, while new hair that grows in will do so in its natural state.

The average treatment time comes in at up to 4 hours, although this depends upon the length, type and condition of the hair being worked on. The regularity of touch-ups depends upon how quickly new hair grows in, with between 4 and 6 months the typical length of time between YUKO Japanese Straightening treatments.

As well as straightening your hair, this process is also about giving it a healthy shine while avoiding causing too much damage. In this way, it is an improvement on the traditional approach of using straightening irons at home.

However, if you have thick and very curly hair then you may wish to look at the other processes that are gentler on your hair.  Also, if you want to retain volume, then another method, such as the Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment or Kerastraight would allow you to retain and increase the natural volume of your hair.

Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment

As the name suggests, the Brazilian Blow Dry treatment originated in Brazil, where many people have naturally thick and wavy hair. The process involves using Keratin to repair any damage to the hair while coating it to prevent any more damage happening in the future.

The Brazilian Blow Dry approach is regarded as a replenishing treatment that encourages the hair’s natural shine and beauty without changing its texture. The end result is straighter hair that is easier to care for in the following months.

This straightening treatment makes the hair much more resistant to rain and humidity, meaning that it doesn’t frizz up under these conditions. The results can last for up to 4 months and it is possible to receive regular Brazilian Blow Dries to keep your hair in the same enviable condition for longer.

Bear in mind that many Brazilian Blow Dry Treatments contain some harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or a similar straightening chemical which can be harmful to hair health in the long-term.  Check carefully with the salon to ensure the product does not contain any such chemicals.  If the stylist has to use a mask to apply the product or carry out the treatment or your eyes start to tear up quite quickly, then these are signs that the product probably contains some harsh chemicals.

Kerastraight Treatment

For many people, the Kerstraight Keratin treatment offers the best of both worlds. This is a hair straightening process that can help anyone who has hair that is dry, frizzy, damaged or just plain unmanageable.

It is important to note that this treatment is also entirely natural and is recommended for anyone who has problems with some form of hair loss. The Kerastraight treatment is designed to help hair to grow in faster, stronger and longer, giving a sleek and shiny look that isn’t at the mercy of the elements.

This process is especially popular among people who have Afro and Mixed Race hair, as it is a powerful aid in helping this kind of hair to grow while staying in a very manageable condition. Indeed, it has been shown to help hair to grow up to a massive 6 inches each year.

The use of Keratin and proteins gives the hair a healthy and natural look that is straighter but also full of life. This natural hair straightening approach softens curls for those with Afro or Mixed Race hair and can significantly straighten those with European or Asian hair, and improves texture without leaving the hair dead-straight and lifeless.

After the Kerastraight, your hair will be much easier to wash, blow dry and style. The Kerastraight in many cases can allow you to wash, have a quick blow dry and go.


One of the most popular ways of getting straighter hair is through the use of relaxers. This is a hair straightening process that uses some sort of cream or lotion to break down the hair’s structure in order to make it easy to control and to get straight.

This is a chemical process that alters the hair and will leave it straight for up to 2 months. It can be done at home or in a professional hair studio and maintenance work is normally required from time to time.

It is important that you bear in mind that this is a chemical treatment that can drastically affect your hair. You should be especially wary of relaxers if you have thinning or fragile hair that could suffer permanent damage in this way.

These relaxers work by basically taking out your hair’s natural oils, so it isn’t a technique that is going to give you glossier and better looking hair. In fact, some ladies complain of it leaving their hair looking dull and lifeless afterwards.

Lye Relaxers and No-Lye Relaxers

If you decide to go with the relaxers approach to straightening your hair then you need to understand the difference between lye relaxers and no-lye relaxers. Not everyone is of the same opinion as regards which one is best but there are some important differences between them for you to understand.

For a start, lye relaxers use sodium hydroxide and you might sometimes hear the word “alkali” used to describe them. They give quick results but the downside is that they tend to wash out fairly easily as well.

When it comes to no-lye relaxers these are mainly made up of calcium hydroxide. They are classed as being better for anyone who has a sensitive scalp but they need to be used with a de-calcifying shampoo to avoid problems.

How to Choose the Right Approach

Simply by reading the descriptions of the different types of treatment you probably already have an idea of which one is best for you. In most cases there is a certain hair straightening process that stands out as being the best one for each person.

However, to avoid any risk of potential damage it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion on the matter. By arranging a consultation with a hair expert you can get their opinion on what would suit you best.

In order to make the most of this consultation it is important that you consider your needs and wants beforehand. How straight do you want your hair to be and how long you want the treatment to last for are a couple of the issues to bear in mind.

What to Expect in the Salon

The good news is that most of these treatments are relatively fast, with immediate results. You may need to spend between 2 and 4 hours in the salon but when you walk out with your straighter and sleeker hair you will feel that it was well worth it.

Obviously the process and the results vary depending upon the exact type of hair straightening treatment that you opt for. For example, if you choose the Kerstraight Keratin treatment then you will feel fantastic about the condition and quality of your hair after the session.

Expect a good hairstylist to guide you through the whole straightening process and explain what you need to do in order to maintain your exciting new look. This is likely to include advice on the type of shampoo to use and the things that you need to avoid.